genlop -t pyqt

Usage: genlop [options] [-f logfile] [category/package]

  -c   display the currently compiling packages (if any)
  -e   display package history; default if any option is used.
  -f   read emerge log information from "logfile" instead of /var/log/emerge.log
  -h   print this help
  -i   extra infos for the selected package (build specific USE and CFLAGS
       variables, average build time, etc)
  -g   display GMT/UTC, not localized time.
  -l   show full merge history.
  -n   no color in output
  -p   estimate build time from a piped "emerge -p" output
  -q   query database if no local emerge was found
  -r   search for portage tree sync/rsync history.
  -s   use (case insensitive) regular expressions to match package names
  -S   use case sensitive regular expressions to match package names
  -t   calculate merge time for the specific package(s).
  -u   show when packages have been unmerged.
  -v   display genlop version and exit.

  –date datestring1 [ –date datestring2]  only shows results between datestring1
       and datestring2. datestring2 dafaults to "now" if not explicitly set.
       (e.g. genlop –list –date 3 days ago)

This program is licensed under the GPL v2. See COPYING.
For further info about genlop please read the man page.